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Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer in South Bend

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A jackknife accident can be extremely dangerous for everyone on the road. When a truck loses control, causing it to veer awkwardly, lose control of its trailer, and lands in an unmovable position, blocking the road and potentially colliding with other drivers, there is a huge risk of serious injury to everyone involved as well as tremendous property damage.

When you are the unfortunate victim of an accident involving a jackknifed truck, it is important to begin reviewing your legal options with the assistance of a South Bend truck accident attorney as soon as possible. The reputable team at the Wruble Law Group has fought to put the law on the side of many victims of trucking accidents through more than 40 years of combined practice experience.

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Jackknife Accident Causes

Jackknifed big rigs can be extremely dangerous to be around, not to mention be a real pain to clean up after due to their massive size and ability to block even a substantially large road. Because commercial trucks are so large, a large number of factors can cause a commercial truck to lose control and jackknife.

A jackknife accident can be caused by:

These are just a few of the potential causes of a jackknife accident, but all of them could result in a serious injury. Our team of attorneys has extensive experience analyzing all of the evidence after an accident to then fight to demonstrate the negligence on behalf of the other party and get you the compensation you need. Don’t live with the expenses and consequences of an accident without letting us review your case first.

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