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South Bend Dog Bite Lawyers

Bitten by Someone Else's Dog in South Bend, IN?

Pets are always a cherished part of our community, but accidents can still occur due to them. This is especially true with dogs, who can have the propensity to bite visitors to a property or bystanders in public. When this happens, Indiana law allows victims to pursue and receive compensation.

If you've been bitten by someone else's dog and would like to explore your legal options, we invite you to contact us at Wruble Law Group today. Our proven, compassionate legal team has more than four decades of collective legal experience and knows how to properly navigate a personal injury claim to a successful and just outcome. Contact our firm today to speak with a dedicated South Bend personal injury attorney ready to hear your story.

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Indiana's "One Bite" Rule

Indiana law Section 15-20-1-3 provides civil protections for mail carriers, law enforcement and other public servants who, in the act of fulfilling their job, are bitten by someone else's dog. These circumstances do not apply to most victims, but others who have been bitten can also seek compensation by proving negligence with the "one bite" rule.

The "one bite" rule means that:

  • Prior to the incident, the dog had bitten or tried to bite someone.
  • The dog owner knew about this prior incident.
  • The dog owner failed to take proper precautions.
  • That failure to take precautions resulted in another bite injury.

In other words: the owner knew that the dog showed a propensity for biting people, yet they did not take measures to ensure that others wouldn't be bitten. These cases often rely on prior victims as witnesses, photographic evidence, and other diligence on the plaintiff's part. Our team knows how to prepare premises liability suits and can ensure that, both in and outside the courtroom, any wrongdoing against you is compellingly put forth.

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