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"Premises liability" is a type of injury suit that is filed against a property owner or manager that failed to provide safe conditions to people who were welcome on their property. Commonly, these may be referenced as "slip and fall" injuries, but almost any injury can be addressed in a premises liability suit, as long as the conditions that caused the accident reasonably fell under the property owners’ responsibility to remedy.

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Kinds of Premises Liability & How They Work

In premises liability cases, the burden is on you, the plaintiff—and your counsel—to provide evidence that you were welcome on the property, the property owners owed you "duty of reasonable care" to keep you safe, and that that lack of care led to conditions that harmed you. These are broad definitions and can be applied to a number of different circumstances in which a visitor to a property is hurt.

Common kinds of premises liability claims injuries:

Were you owed "duty of reasonable care?"

One critical factor in assessing liability cases is the "type" of visitor you were to a property and whether or not you were owed a safe environment. For example, if you were customer in a store during open hours, you are considered an invitee and owed duty of care. If you are breaking into the store after hours and hurt, you will likely be considered a trespasser and are probably ineligible to receive compensation for your injury.

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