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Car Accidents Caused by Unsafe Driving Conditions

Learn How Unsafe Driving Conditions Can Cause Injuries

Drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles in a way that is safe and respectful to those on the roads around them. In times when road conditions are not ideal, it is important to change your driving so that you do not endanger yourself, your passengers, and those who are on the roads with you. Those who do not change their habits when it gets more difficult to drive frequently cause car accidents and possibly severe injuries when they lose control of their cars.

When you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another due to unsafe road conditions, it is important to retain legal counsel from a South Bend car accident attorney as soon as possible to start reviewing your options. At the Wruble Law Group, our legal team handles each case with an understanding and compassionate approach that recognizes how your life has been impacted by your accidents. Our personal injury attorneys have more than 40 years of combined legal practice experience, and have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and awards for our clients thanks to our relentless pursuit of their best wishes.

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Ever-changing Road Conditions

Roads can change dramatically in a very short amount of time, creating a substantially increased risk of an accident. When you sustain an injury that may have been caused by another driver’s negligence to accommodate for these changing conditions, you could be eligible for compensation.

Dangerous road conditions can include the following:

  • Uneven or worn pavement
  • Severe weather (rain, snow, or icy conditions)
  • Severe darkness
  • Fog or other visibility reductions
  • Debris or obstacles blocking all or part of the road

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